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Topographical Surveys

Topographical Surveys

When Total Surveys was founded, the main core work for the company at that time was topographical surveys for the estate development market; so our surveyors have considerable experience of carrying out surveys of this nature.
Topographical survey under wayThe level of detail surveyed varies depending on the client’s specification. This can range from a basic boundary & level survey (to give the basic “lie-of-the land” – very often used for initial feasibility studies), to fully detailed topographical surveys which includes all significant visible above ground features.
As detailed in our survey methodology section, each feature surveyed is assigned a unique feature code, which enables the software to distinguish and differentiate between the data surveyed.
Currently we generally use PanTerra as topographical survey processing software. Our surveyors have many years of experience of using this and have finely honed its use to achieve maximum productivity on site. We have had additional routines added to the software by the manufacturer, to optimise its use / features for our purposes.
The principle we follow is to carry out thorough accurate coding on site, to minimise later editing required in the office. For example, every point surveyed can be assigned a level, but in some cases this is not required to be shown on the drawing, so the feature coding can be set to automatically exclude the level from the drawing when the point is surveyed; which saves time later switching the levels off in the office, (individual levels can be switched back-on later if required).
The policy of Total Surveys is for project surveyors to process their own data; and not for it to be passed to a CAD department to be edited by someone who has never seen the site!
The work carried out by our CAD department is general drawing layout and presentation, once the project surveyor has completed his/her edits. We feel this is the most accurate way to produce a survey drawing.
Ridge and Eaves heightsWe understand the importance of a comprehensive survey drawing, and if required can include significant features adjacent to the site being surveyed; e.g. overlooking window positions, ridge & eaves heights etc.. This additional information can be included on the plan drawings, and also supplemented by annotated digital photographs. With the "non-contact" Direct Reflex “DR” survey equipment that we use, we are able to survey these features remotely, without gaining direct access.
Rather than surveying the site in isolation, this additional surrounding information gives a more complete picture of the site situation. If surveys are related to Ordnance Datum & National Grid co-ordinates, they can be added to Ordnance Survey digital background mapping as composite drawings, if required; which shows further surrounding detail. 
We can provide the survey data as 2D contoured plans, and also as 3D computer digital terrain models (DTMs). With the inclusion of proposed design information from the client, volumes of site material can be calculated, and also rendered site visualisation exercises can be carried out.
EarthmoverSurvey drawings can be provided as traditional plans plotted on paper or film, and also on disk in a variety of software formats, including:
  • AutoCAD DWG & DXF
  • Microstation
  • Moss / MX Site
  • PanTerra
  • PDS
The various software packages that we have in-house have a variety of export options, so we should be able to accommodate your requirements. Further information is provided in our CAD Services section. If you have a particular query regarding survey data format, please contact us.
We understand the importance of being able to open a drawing and start working with it immediately. We keep a record of clients’ requirements, which is kept updated. This can include survey specification, CAD file layering structure etc., and other special requirements. Our aim is to provide you with a quality drawing in the correct format that you can work with straightaway.

For example Topographical Surveys please visit our document download centre.

If you require a topographical survey to be carried out, please contact us and we shall be pleased to provide you with a quotation for the work required.