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Monitoring Services

Monitoring & Deformation Surveys

Dockyard workTotal Surveys are able to carry out a range of monitoring & deformation survey tasks.

A typical example is the monitoring of pipeline movement over underground workings; where periodic measurements are taken with regard to X, Y & Z co-ordinates, plus tape measurements taken between pre-installed reference pins along the pipeline route, (taking into account ambient temperature and catenary of the measuring tape for accuracy).
Total Surveys are also able to install automated 24/7 monitoring systems which can be programmed to automatically monitor specified points at specified times / intervals, and be set-up to generate automatic text message or e-mail alerts if and when pre-defined tolerances have been exceeded. The system used utilises Leica GeoMoS software. This is installed on a site based laptop computer which is set to communicate with and control (wirelessly) a site based instrument which carries out automated observations and communicates back to the laptop computer. We are able to access the laptop remotely via the internet, to gain remote control, or access data and produce reports etc..
Another example of monitoring work, is the periodic measurement of dock walls, to measure for deformation / movement due to tidal loading. This requires regular measurements along installed reference pins at low & high tide.

Or, it could be the periodic measurements of reference points on a building suspected of subsiding.
Measurements are related to known stable points established well away from the area in question.
In each case, a report is provided containing tabulated data of results obtained. This typically includes period movement and total movement over the timeframe as specified by the client.
In some cases the survey is carried out during site works, (e.g. auger boring under railway tracks). This can require an around-the-clock presence on site, with frequent survey measurement work being carried out as the below ground work is being carried out. Results are computed and calculated throughout the process, with any excessive movement (i.e. above client’s specified tolerance), flagged immediately; in order to halt the works if necessary.

Our surveyors have the ability to process the survey data on-site, and can e-mail data remotely using mobile phone technology. This is invaluable when immediate information is required by the client.

If you require survey monitoring work to be carried out, please contact us.