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Measured Building Surveys

Measured Building Surveys


(The above video is derived from actual Laser Scan point cloud data, and is not a composite of photographs)

Measured building surveys, incorporating topographic survey of site, elevation, floor plan and section surveys, are a significant part of our typical workload. Control is established throughout the buildings as required in order to give a reliable framework to survey from; to accurately represent the internal layout.

Specialist survey software and equipment is utilised, which measures and logs data digitally. Essentially floor plans are drawn whilst on site; therefore our surveyors can see and check each floor plan drawing before leaving site.
Our surveyors have considerable experience of surveying historic buildings, and are used to providing very detailed drawings; particularly of ornamental façades. Clients have referred to some of our more detailed drawings as “almost art!”
We have recently launched the additional service of carrying out Laser Scanning (High Definition) Surveys. This is of particular assistance when carrying out surveys of buildings with intricate detail.

Building wireframe drawingTotal Surveys work very closely with architects, and produce drawings to the level of detail and complexity as required for the specific project. Some may need just basic “massing” elevations perhaps for initial feasibility studies, whilst others will need extremely detailed drawings of listed buildings where even the oak pegs in the timber structures are shown! 
As with all surveys, we are keen to discuss the clients requirements in detail, to produce our most competitive quotation based on the specification required.
Typical projects include, measured building surveys of domestic properties for proposed extensions, floor plan, elevation and section drawings of office / industrial buildings for refurbishment or conversion, and detailed drawings of ornate historic buildings. Examples of other types of buildings surveyed include, hospitals, hotels & churches. Our Laser Scanning equipment is particularly useful for carrying out very detailed surveys for church renovation projects.

We have recently completed surveys of a large number of schools; where we had been regularly producing and despatching drawings as the site survey work had been progressing. This work was part of the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme.

Our surveyors fully co-ordinated the projects and liaised directly with the schools to ensure the smooth running of the projects, and a reliable regular supply of drawings to the clients. Typically our method of approach is to initially visit each school to survey the external footprints of the buildings, and to produce an outline drawing of each school; which can then used as a template for subsequent internal building measurement work.
In some cases, we carry out the main control work on buildings for clients, and produce a basic CAD layout, that the client can add to later with their own personnel. We are flexible, and can tailor the task to your needs.
Inside a building

As a company, we have a keen interest in architecture. Total Surveys have staff with Affiliate Membership of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

For example drawings please visit our document download centre.

Please note that the quality of line-work etc., is not truly represented in the PDF versions. AutoCAD DWG & DXF versions are available in our Authorised Users area. You can register by going to the top right hand side of the Home Page.

If you require a measured building survey, please contact us and we shall be pleased to provide an itemised quotation.