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Laser Scanning Surveys!

Leica ScanStation 2We have experience of surveying detailed ornamental building façades, and complex internal structures; particularly of historic buildings, (examples are available in our Document Download Centre).
The philosophy of Total Surveys is to invest in the latest technology, to maximise efficiency & productivity, and to produce the best possible drawings & data for our clients. The company has therefore taken advantage of Laser Scanning technology, which is of considerable help when carrying out surveys of this type. However in addition to measured building surveys, this equipment has numerous other possible applications where 3D position / points need to be recorded, for example; archaeological surveys, complex mechanical installations, GIS / Asset Management, and general site topography.
The Leica ScanStation 2, can produce a 360° three dimensional “point-cloud” of survey information, which is of particular assistance when capturing data in areas of intricate detail. The company is now able to carry out High Definition Surveying, using this very fast pulsed laser system.
The data can be used to produce rendered 3D “models”, and areas can be selected as required for detailed drawing production. One advantage of using this equipment, is that the area to be surveyed can be comprehensively scanned whilst on-site, and the data can then be stored in an “Asset Database”; with only the immediate requirements being developed into finished drawings. Further areas can be processed into drawings as and when required, at a later date without the need for a further site visit, (assuming the area in question remains unchanged on site; otherwise a site update would be required).

Our surveyors scanned a central courtyard area of a building, for a specialist company who will design & manufacture off-site, a steelwork structure; which will be assembled on-site to extend the existing floors of the building. The photograph & point-cloud image below, illustrate the complex nature of the area in question; which would have been considerably more difficult to survey traditionally.

Courtyard PhotographCourtyard Scan

Traditional AutoCAD linework drawings are produced from the 3D point-cloud data. We are also able to carry out site visualisation exercises using the laser scan point-cloud data; including complex pipework arrangements.
If you would like further information, or feel we can help you with our laser scanning service, please contact us.

Further details are also available in the Laser Scanning area within our Services Provided section.

Schools – (Topographic, Measured Building & Underground Services Surveys)

Total Surveys have experience of surveying large numbers of schools; where we have been regularly producing and despatching drawings as the site survey work has been progressing.

The company has completed a contract to survey a batch of schools in the South East region. This work was part of the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme.

Our surveyors fully co-ordinated the project and liaised directly with the schools to ensure the smooth running of the project, and a reliable regular supply of drawings to the client.

Total Surveys understand and appreciate the importance of quality, lead-in time and programme.

In this case the survey work involved both topographical survey work and underground services survey work. Further information is also available in our measured building surveys section.

Underground Services SurveyWe have also completed the full underground services survey for a large school complex; where we added our surveyed utility information to existing site survey plans as provided by the client.

We were commissioned by an international built asset consultancy, who were acting as project managers for a company of building environment & services engineering consultants.

We can add additional information to existing site plans, or we can carry out a comprehensive survey from scratch; incorporating topographical survey, underground services survey & measured building survey work, as required.

If you would like further information regarding the range of services that we can provide, please contact us.


Setting-Out & As-Built Survey Work for London Apartments

Total Surveys have completed a large contract to carry out setting-out & as-built survey work throughout the construction of a large prestigious apartment complex in central London.

This was high precision work, where very accurate measurements were required.

Our teams of surveyors worked closely with the main contractor on-site to ensure the survey tasks were carried out as and when required, in-line with the construction programme for the build; whilst dovetailing with the other trades present on-site.

Setting-Out WorkWe had a special prism arrangement manufactured; to assist in carrying out this work as efficiently as possible. Reliability and accuracy were of key importance here, since our work was programmed around others and was being utilised and relied upon by other subcontractors. For further information please refer to our setting-out, as-built surveys & check surveys sections.

We are able to help throughout the construction process; further information about the range of services that Total Surveys can provide, is available here.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please contact us.

Survey of Doctors' Surgeries

Total Surveys are used to reacting quickly for urgent projects. We have completed the survey of a large number of doctors' surgeries, where the information was required by the client as soon as possible.

As with the schools project mentioned above, the key to the smooth running of the project, was the prearrangement of site access, and constant liaison with the sites, and the client.

The drawings were processed as the site work progressed, to ensure the despatch of a steady flow of drawings.

For further information on this type of survey, please refer to our measured building surveys section.

If you have an urgent project that you would like to discuss, please contact us.

Other Projects

Survey InstrumentOther projects include the full survey of a large farm complex, including providing 3D models of the site and the buildingssetting-out for a large commercial development, and a number of surveys of sites for retail development.

We have also completed the topographical survey of a large land-fill site, a number of underground services surveys including a large industrial plant, and the laser scan survey of the existing steel frame at an industrial site; where detailed drawings were required to assist in the design & off-site construction of new additional steelwork.

If you have a survey requirement, and would like a no obligation quotation, please contact us.

Leica ScanStation 2


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