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Why Survey?

Why Survey?

You have a site construction or design project....

  •  QUESTION:  What is one of the first things that you will need?
  •  ANSWER:  A comprehensive record of what is there at present; i.e. an accurate “as-is” record; as a reliable starting platform for your design.
You will need a survey of the existing site situation; that is, land, buildings, boundaries etc..

You may be able to get some information using a tape measure and level, but will this be accurate enough for your needs? How will you allow for changes in level, out-of-square situations etc.?

Total Surveys can provide this service for you.
Surveys are carried out using computerised survey instruments. The level of detail recorded depends on the client’s requirements. Our surveyors are experienced in carrying out very detailed surveys, but this will not be required in all cases.
Computerised survey instruments / theodolites (i.e. “Total Stations”) are used to optically observe the features required. By recording features by “bearing & distance” specialist survey software co-ordinates each surveyed point / feature, and gives it 3 co-ordinates in space; i.e. x, y & z co-ordinates, (referred to as “Easting”, “Northing” & “Level”).  For further information, please refer to our Explanation & Methodology section.
The survey will be “controlled” (i.e. structured) by a network of interrelated reference points; referred to as “survey stations”. Observations are taken between these reference control points to create a tight framework across the site being surveyed; all recorded in 3D. Features are surveyed from these known points. Therefore any level changes and out-of-square situations are accounted for. For further information, please refer to our Explanation & Methodology and Datum & Grid sections.

Surveys can be adapted based on the specific requirements of the client. We will discuss your requirements and will tailor our survey to your specific needs. We will provide a detailed quotation based on your specification.
We appreciate the constraints of programme and budget, and will be pleased to discuss your requirements and offer a complete survey solution for your construction project.

To discuss your project, or to obtain a quotation, please contact us.